• Come and join us for a time of fellowship, worship, spiritual growth and fun during the 2013 Peniel youth camp in California!

Theme: FULLNESS (Ephesians 1:22-23);

Guest speakers include:

Edward BERRY,

Peter BOROȘ (Portland),

Lazăr GOG,

Călin GOG (Los Angeles),

Eddie SFRENGEU (Sacramento),

Călin VEREȘ (Los Angeles) etc.

Worship together with great bands like Emanuel Youth Worship (Los Angeles), Alive Worship (Sacramento) and Ekklesia Worship (Phoenix).

*Time : 7August 2013  at 5:00pm until    11August 2013 at 2:00pm

*Location: Camp Cedar Crest (Big Bear Mountain), 33325 Camp Cedar Crest Road, Running Springs, CA 92382 – http://www.campcedarcrest.org



  • Camp cost for 5 days and 4 nights, 3 meals per day, all activities, campt-shirt and the program is only $220 per person for the entire period. If you would like to come for a shorter amount of time, the cost is $60 per day.

Please register here: www.penielwc.com/register

For more information, write at: penielcampusa@yahoo.com.

When you come to the camp, please don’t forget to bring with you a Bible, a notebook, pens, flash light, proper camp (decent) clothes, bed sheets, and sleeping bag!

Please pray with us for our participants, preachers, worship bands and, most of all, for God’s presence at these camps.

Finally, please partner with us by sending this message to all your friends in USA! Thank you very much!



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