A Day in the Life of Nurse Eye Roll

A Day in the Life of Nurse Eye Roll


Wake up.


Walk into work.


See that I’m working with my favorite nurse.


See my assignment.


After the 7th interruption during my first assessment.


Can’t open a med.


When the first doctor rounds and acts like I’m incompetent for not knowing obscure information off the top of my head, dodges the family that wants to talk to him, or rounds and leaves without talking to me..


Chart my assessment on the wrong patient.


My patient decides to start deteriorating when everyone needs to pee and/or needs pain meds NOW.


When I’m finally at lunch (at 1400) and someone comes in to tell me something about my patient.


Updating the 4th family member on the phone, because apparently no one talk to each other.


When I get report on my train wreck admit and tell my coworkers about them.


9 hours into the shift.


When I see night shift start to arrive.


After I give report.


When I get home.


Sursa: de pe f-book, pagina fetei mele





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