DE CE E BINE SA JOCI FOTBAL? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,DOMNUL’LE MILIOANE DE$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

DE CE E BINE SA JOCI FOTBAL? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,DOMNUL’LE MILIOANE DE$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

The 2014 World Cup champions will not only be going home with the top prize in world football, but they’ll come away with $35 million in prize money, according to the Associated Press (via 

That’s $5 million more than Spain received for winning it all in South Africa four years ago.

But there’s plenty of prize money to go around, as even the last-place nation is guaranteed to come away with at least $8 million this summer.

The 32 participating nations will share a total fund of $576 million, which includes insurance policies to cover the club salaries owed to injured players. The actual prize money pot is $358 million, meaning the champion will take roughly 10 percent of the share.

Here we’ll break down the prize money distribution at the 2014 World Cup.


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